UKRGAZBANK and GESS Ukraine Cooperation

Following national interests in the field of reducing Ukraine's dependence on imported energy sources and with а view to improving the overall environmental situation in the country, on January 11, 2017, GESS Ukraine concluded a Memorandum on partnership and cooperation with UKRGAZBANK, which has been successfully operating in the market of financial services for over 21 years.

The subject of this Memorandum is to organize cooperation and coordination of the Parties actions on development energy efficiency, "green" energy and development of required infrastructure in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, namely: science, technology and innovation for energy efficiency and "green" energy; development of financing instruments for energy efficiency and "green" energy.

GESS Ukraine looks forward to a fruitful cooperation and creation of an atmosphere of trust that will ensure a sustainable development of the energy sector in Ukraine.

2017-01-11 10:38