GESS Ukraine constructing renewable energy facilities in Chornobyl

In the summer of 2016, the Ukrainian government introduced a Chornobyl Solar project to the Ukrainian and international community. The aim of the project is to turn the land affected by one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters into a massive solar park, which is scheduled for implementation in 2017.

As of today, GESS Ukraine is amongst 39 groups, including 13 international investors, which have expressed their interest in the project implementation and consider the possibility of providing financing. The companies are seeking a permission for construction of renewable energy facilities with approximate capacity of 1 gigawatt inside the radioactive exclusion zone surrounding the defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant.

To attract foreign investment, the Ukrainian government reduced the cost of land lease in the exclusion zone by 85% and simplified the process of its obtaining.

In addition, there is a fixed “green” tariff in Ukraine till 2030, which will gradually decline each year. Companies that enter into agreements in 2017, will receive a tariff for their projects 15 euro cents for a kilowatt.

2017-02-08 10:57